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Find your place in our team



Find your place in our team

Get Involved

Global Weekly is always looking for new people to get involved. We don't look for any particular type of person, just someone with a passion for geopolitics (and decent writing capability!). If you are interested in getting involved, please apply at the listings below!

Working at Global Weekly allows you to not only gain great experience for your CV, demonstrating your writing, your passion and your political nous, but also do something truly fun.

We have our regular articles, where you may write up to 2000 words. These articles are meant to be analytical, with a deep-dive focus into a topic, region or country of your choice. We also do opinion pieces, which should be around 500-1000 words, and allow you much more flexibility in how you present arguments. You may have a looser paragraph structure, and more opinionated arguments and predictions on a chosen topic.


All articles should be well-researched, and will be subject to our editorial process!  Be aware that we are a non-profit organisation and all positions are voluntary and unpaid. 

For any further information, please email us at:


Social Media Officer

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