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The Global Weekly Podcast: Ep. 4

Updated: May 3

China's Emerging Pacific Power Play: Mulitpolar Competition in Oceania

In this engaging episode of the Global Weekly Podcast, James Robert Loughton, managing director of the platform, alongside deputy editor, Munro Waller, delve into the rapidly expanding economic and military influence of China over the South Pacific/Oceania. As America faces a potential return to isolation with the possibility of Trump returning, and Australia struggles to maintain economic leadership over its neighbours, China emerges to provide much-needed infrastructure and security backing for the numerous geopolitically strategic but domestically weak South Pacific states.

James and Munro cover the geopolitical competition between China and the West, and also the diplomatic strategies of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Nauru and Fiji in developing the often overlooked Oceanic continent.

You can listen this episode on spotify and youtube.


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