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Francesco Foti

Desk Analyst - Middle East and North Africa

Francesco is a policy and security analyst/researcher. Graduated from the University of Westminster (MA) and Catania (BA), he mainly focuses on EU-Russian relations, the post-Soviet space (Eastern Europe, Balkans, and South Caucasus) path to Euro-Atlantic integration/cooperation, hybrid warfare by Russia, and extremism and terrorism in Europe.

After graduation, Francesco pursued an internship on actionable intelligence at Tam-c Solutins (Israel), freelanced for the business consultancy/think tank Global Initiatives and Solutions, interned at the Centre for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria) on Russian disinformation, and published through outlets about South Caucasus and Russian narratives in Italy. As part of Global Initiatives and Solutions, he was a panellist on security challenges at the Institute of National Security, Lodz, Poland.

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