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About the Role

  • As a Desk Analyst, you will; research and author content for our articles and intelligence reports, guided by a Head of Desk. 

  • You will contribute at least two 300-500 word pieces of analysis to your Desk's Report, which is published every two weeks. There are also opportunities to contribute to our podcast, YouTube Channel, and to our interview series

  • All content must be well-researched and factually correct. All of our articles are engaging and synthesise complex information for public viewing. As a Desk Analyst, we expect your focus to be on covering geopolitical issues related to your desk

  • Remotely based and with no set hours, you may work on your own time, provided the work is completed so as not to impede our regular publishing.

To Apply:
Please click the link below and complete the form which requires a copy of your CV and a short analysis sample. If your application is successful, a member of our recruitment team will contact you to begin the onboarding phase.

Please note that all jobs are voluntary and, therefore, unpaid.


  • Demonstrably good English writing skills.

  • Enthusiasm about Geopolitics, Global Affairs and Foreign Policy.

  • Knowledgeable in leading debates and current events in the region in which you are applying.

  • Ability to write engaging analyses on complex topics, suitable for public viewing.

  • Ability to research effectively, and to present those findings in an easily accessible, written manner.

    No experience is necessary for this role, and we welcome everyone to apply to work with us

About us
Global Weekly is a platform that promotes discussion and debate on leading geopolitical and foreign policy issues. It is our goal to make foreign affairs more accessible to all and to shine a light on many of the world's most ignored stories.

All of us at Global Weekly are deeply passionate about foreign affairs and geopolitics and many of our team come from, or seek to go into, careers in policy, communications, diplomacy, civil service, journalism and politics.

In addition to publishing regular content on our popular site, we also have a weekly newsletter, guest feature articles, an interview series, podcast series, video series and host occasional webinars and events.

Desk Analyst

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