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Marie Ladagnous

Desk Analyst - Eurasia

Marie holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, a post-graduate degree in International Relations, and an MSc in Russian and Eurasian Politics and Economics. Her research has focused on the geopolitical competition between the West and Russia, specifically examining how Russia attempts to undermine democracies and spread authoritarianism. She has written two notable dissertations illustrating this interest: "NATO-Russia Relationship: The Ukrainian Crisis as a Turning Point" (2021) and "Russia's Multipolar World: Implications for African Governance" (2023).


In addition to her primary research interests, Marie is also engaged in post-colonial studies, terrorism studies, and conflict studies, including topics such as gender-based violence, human rights, genocides, and peacebuilding processes. She is fluent in French and English and is currently learning Russian.

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