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Hree P. Samudra

Desk Analyst - Indo-Pacific

Hree P. Samudra (Hree) is a young peacebuilding professional with a distinguished academic background and a proven track record of advocacy and engagement in gender and disarmament issues. Hree holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a minor in Peace and Security in Asian Studies from Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD), where she graduated with honors. Her academic journey continued at the University of Pennsylvania, where she furthered her knowledge and expertise in international relations and peacebuilding, especially in East Asia.


Currently, Hree serves as an Associate for Asia and the Pacific Peacebuilding Programs at the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP). She actively engages with the British American Information Security Council (BASIC), where she serves as the Working Group Chair of the Policy Paper within the Emerging Voices Network (EVN). She has also penned op-eds for The Jakarta Post, including "Indonesia can spearhead gender-inclusive disarmament initiative."

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